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Goalkeeper Equipment Made by the Best for the Best


Having signed with Mercian Hockey in early 2018, I knew what was to come was an exciting partnership and journey, one that will allow me to continually grow and perform consistently at a high level.

I joined the family and began using the Pro Evolution GK kit and am currently using the Elite GK kit. Right from the start, I felt an instant difference between the Mercian kit and the numerous other goalkeeping brands that I used before joining Mercian. A massive reason for this, has been the weight of the kit combined with the high rebound nature of the foam. Due to the Mercian goalkeeper kit, I found myself moving quicker and faster around my goals. This also extended to any explosives save (e.g. a diving-save) becoming even more explosive. The high rebound foam also allows one’s game to improve due to numerous factors. As goalkeepers we train and work on different saving techniques in different scenarios but, as we all know, these saves don’t always go to plan and this is where the high rebound aspect of the kit puts me at ease. Both conventional and unconventional saves result in the ball rebounding to a much safer area, and even those awkward saves where one cannot generate enough power to clear the ball, well, those are also taken care-of due to the foam.

Another important attribute that needs to be mentioned, is the pain aspect that comes with goalkeeping. Having used many other GK kits, there was always certain pain areas that would hurt when making a save (such as kickers, being hit in the calf due to the side of the legguards being too short etc.) and this drastically effects one’s confidence when making a save because of the worry about getting hurt. I have never had to worry about that when using the Mercian GK kit and this adds to the confidence that the kit brings out in goalkeepers.

An important question that I get asked often, is whether the Mercian GK kit can extend onto an indoor court and the answer is 100% yes. What I’ve found and really enjoyed about the Elite kit, is that the surface area of the pads increased, but kept the kit at an extremely light weight. Another crucial factor here is the positive effect that the rebound foam has on the indoor court and one’s overall game because of it.

Focusing more on the effect the Mercian GK kit has on the mental side of things (as I am a massive advocate of working on the mental aspects of being a GK as well as the physical), it is second to none. Since the first time I used a Mercian GK kit, I’ve only grown in confidence through the use of such high-quality kits. The confidence comes from feeling completely comfortable in a kit that aids me in my performances.

Kits nowadays are also extremely expensive and another point that needs to be taken into account, is the life expectancy (including the kits peak performance period) and durability of the kit. Mercian GK kit once again excel and set the standard at an extremely high level. For me personally, including both indoor and outdoor, a hockey season runs from January to October, with frequent usage in November and December. I consistently use the kit a minimum of 4 times per week, and during the peak hockey schedule, 6/7 times a week. All of this, after 2 years, the Pro Evolution kit is still going strong with hardly any wear and tear. Another testament to an incredible brand that puts their customers first.

In ending, the Mercian hockey brand brought me in and I’ve never looked back. To blow my own trumpet, it is no coincidence that my best performances, achievements and years playing have come since using the Mercian GK kit and joining the family like support structure of the Mercian brand. If you’re looking to improve and only grow as a goalkeeper, get your hands on a Mercian GK kit.



Up until the day that I had gotten my new Mercian kit, I had never actually had the chance of using any Mercian gear, although I knew at the time that it must be really good as so many international keepers were using it. From the day that I first put on the kit, I realized that my move to using Mercian kit was long overdue, I absolutely loved it! The mix between protection, and how light the kit is, is perfect. The Mercian Elite pads contribute to my style of playing perfectly and have helped me to grow my keeping abilities a lot over the past few months.

Thanks again for inviting me into the Mercian family, I’m so grateful to part of such an awesome team!



I have personally had a positive experience with the Mercian goalkeeping kit. The rebound in the kickers are incredible! Despite my petite physique the kit was able to mould onto my body adjusting to my size. I am still working on the sizing of the upper body armour, but it can only be properly assessed after lockdown. Overall I have found that my agility has increased and was able to reach its full potential due to the light weight of the padding.



As a goalkeeper who has played with most of the goalkeeping brands across a 19-year career in field and indoor hockey, I can honestly say that Mercian is the best brand I have ever played with. Solid but light gear, simple design but most efficient as well are only some of the many aspects that Mercian goalkeeping equipment has offered me.

By far the most amazing quality Mercian has showed me is the fact that the Mercian team went out of there way to provide me with completely custom-made foam gear. Being a goalkeeper of quite a prominent size at 2.08 meters tall and 120 kg, I often struggled to find equipment that fits my body and upon my first encounter with Mercian, there was absolutely no hesitation in providing me with what I needed.

My game improved immediately the first time I climbed into my new Mercian kit. My confidence shot through the roof and I was unstoppable! That first tournament, which was a friendly international test series against South Africa, was the first time ever I used a Mercian kit. It was brand new, I had almost no time to get use to my new gear and I wasn’t sure if I should use it at all, as we were playing a test series against the best team in Africa?! None the less I put it on and instantly felt right at home. Everything fitted perfectly and I knew that this was Mercian……this was made for me, I was meant to play with this amazing brand all along.

Though I was already well known by the South Africa hockey community, that tournament resulted in a nickname that I will probably stick with me for a long while, DJ Strauss………..The Man Mountain from Namibia.

Being able to achieve so much, in an international series, representing my country against the best team in Africa, for the first time in a Mercian kit, is probably the best defining moment of my experience with Mercian gear. Words will not describe fully what I am trying to say, but the best words are already with the best brand in the world.




The Mercian Elite Goalkeeping Kit’s superior rebound and protection makes it an obvious choice by many top performing goalkeepers, including myself. I have tried and tested competing brands, namely OBO and Monarch, but nothing checks the boxes as much as the Mercian Elite.

Not only does it look great, it feels great too. The strapping system used on the kickers and leg-guards ensure a tight, yet comfortable, fit. This allows for the kit not to twist around the leg and cause any discomfort. The foam itself is incredibly light and I find myself moving much faster and being more agile whilst wearing it. The bright red colour allows for a presence on the field too!

The rebound is absolutely insane! I can ping a ball halfway across the field with very little effort. This factor is crucial as it allows for me to clear the ball effectively and on the first attempt, thus reducing the amount scramble saves I have to make and increasing time for me to be set and ready for the follow up play.

Protection is the number one priority for goalies. If a goalie does not feel safe, they will not feel confident! I feel both safe and confident in my Mercian Elite kit. The kickers have very good toe-protection that eliminates the fear of those nasty toe stinger saves. The kickers are not reversible as they have layered high density foam on each foot’s instep to create a safer, more protected saving area. I am able to feel when a save is made on the foot, but not enough to leave me in any pain.

I find that the leg-guards can be compared to those of the OBO Robo kit. Their shape is similar; however, the Mercian Elite’s leg-guards provide for greater inner leg/calve protection. My knees are not exposed to any threats. The light weight of the leg-guards allows for great control and movement. This combined with the protection of the foam, makes me feel confident.

The gloves are unlike any that I’ve used before. Coming from using OBO Hi-Rebound gloves, I had to make some adjustments. The Elite left-hand glove has a sweet spot that can easily be found and provides great rebound. It also provides easy wrist movement and rotation so that I can guide the ball in the direction I’d like. There are finger holes and a grip system inside the glove that gives me great control of the glove. This allows for a tight, comfortable fit.

The right-hand glove was the biggest change for me. It has a much larger saving area than that of others. It provides a lot of room for wrist movement like its left-hand counterpart. I have found that stick saves are made very easily in this glove as it allows for easy “extension” of the arm with the stick.

Some perks I’ve encountered is the leg-guard coating that allows for an easier slide on the pads when making a tackle. This is similar to how the OBO Robo kit slides. I have found that the wear and tear of the foam has been fantastic. I’ve played both indoor and outdoor hockey with ease in the Elite kit. The foam is durable and still looks in great condition even after almost a year of heavy use by me!




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